Jolin Tsai sheds pink tears to show off her collarbone Netizen: beauty leads to life

3,040 "Huawei Honor" mobile phones were confiscated by Shenzhen Customs, with a case value of more than 3.4 million yuanHow does Curry feel about Du Shao stealing the limelight in the first round? Mengshen refuses to compete with teammates to be jealousThe theme car of "Under One Man" set off a craze for fans to check in!NASA's latest research report: The expansion rate of the universe is 10% faster than previously predictedNew human species discovered in the Philippines: over 50,000 years ago, suspected close relatives of humansWu Yifan covered up his long hair and appeared Jolin Tsai Tong Liya Zhang...A brief history of the development of Chinese teahouses: a window and a microcosm of societyChina's first StarCraft II champion diesCan eye massager cure myopia?How Art Changes Small Villages on Loess High Slopes

Famous commentator Yang Jian wins 5 rounds in a row in the basketball lotteryChinese parents are most likely to make seven mistakesPigman: Little Ball Hero 2 breaks through the bottleneck and develops new ideas. Pigman's star growth pathPremier League-Mata's dilapidated owner De Gea gives a gift, Manchester United draws Chelsea at homeThe security guard pays more than half a month's wages to the fainted student: defend the educated youthMom tied her 2-year-old son to the bed when she bought food, asked why, and cried: she was afraid of falling

Two U.S. missile-class destroyers crossed the Taiwan Strait Ministry of Foreign Affairs: Master the whole process

Xu Lu becomes a new beauty bloggerSmoke billows near London airport

AerolĂ­neas Argentinas cancels all flights on April 30 due to general strikeA 40,000-ton new giant ship is in the same frame as a domestic aircraft carrier for the first time! What is she going to do in Dalian?

The heavy rain caused the road surface to collapse into a large pit, and an electric car accidentally fell into itRegret to donate to Notre Dame de Paris, many places in France decide to withdraw donation pledge

The first Youkai Museum opened, collecting more than 5,000 pieces of Youkai materialsForeign media: Indonesian President Joko has decided to move the capital to Java

Jolin Tsai sheds pink tears to show off her collarbone Netizen: beauty leads to life

Online nurse appointment: how is it running and what are the shortcomings?

Added 3 Chinese-foreign cooperatively-run schools

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